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Confident, Competent, and Safe

I have recently started volunteering at a local food bank. So far it has been a satisfying and interesting experience. I find it interesting that it has quickly become something I look forward to doing even though it involves doing… Continue Reading →

Learning From the Experience of Others

Once again I’m struggling to deploy an inherited application. It has quite a solid “happy path”, but few tests, no automated deployment, and should the configuration file be missing the error report can be more than two and a half… Continue Reading →

Taking a Break, Rediscovering Fun

Sometimes I forget how important it is to take a break from the “usual routine” and do something a different for a change. Fortunately for me recent events gave me a jolt from my usual perspective. Here’s my take on… Continue Reading →

First Lessons From “Rite of Spring” Exercise

Starting to work through Sandi Metz’s RailsConf slides has been an enjoyable and relaxing exercise. I have made it through the first hundred or so slides, and I consciously observed my behaviour. Domestic constraints meant that I needed to wrap… Continue Reading →

More Adventures in Pair Programming

Only a few days ago I read Paul Hinze’s Pairing vs Code Review blog post, and it gave me an opportunity to reflect on some recent experiences. In one context I use gerrit to review code, and there isn’t much… Continue Reading →

New Year Looming

2013 is close to its end, my one “resolution” from the beginning of the year managed to come to fruition once (out of a planned dozen times). Still, it’s a learning opportunity. No resolutions for 2014! At least none I’ll… Continue Reading →

Time to Recharge

It has been a fun long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving), and I’ve had a great time at the first annual Wicked Good Ruby Conference in Boston. Lots of great people, a well organised conference, and now I have an afternoon to… Continue Reading →

Some Lessons Learned from Pair Programming (Part 1)

There are many simple ways improve my programming! That was the biggest thing I have learned from my pair programming efforts so far. The more useful things I need to pay attention to: Be more careful with my git commits… Continue Reading →

Half Ahead…

My re-engagement with Rails moves along, not quite as fast as I would have liked. There are domestic obligations to fulfil, and all sorts of videos from RaisConf 2013 to watch! I’m back into chapter 2 of Michael Hartl’s guide,… Continue Reading →

Day 2 of Rails Reading

So far, so good. Maybe I should ignore vendor/bundle in my .gitignore because Heroku grumbles when I push my application up; first I need to check that I followed the instructions properly!