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Learning From the Experience of Others

Once again I’m struggling to deploy an inherited application. It has quite a solid “happy path”, but few tests, no automated deployment, and should the configuration file be missing the error report can be more than two and a half… Continue Reading →

Taking a Break, Rediscovering Fun

Sometimes I forget how important it is to take a break from the “usual routine” and do something a different for a change. Fortunately for me recent events gave me a jolt from my usual perspective. Here’s my take on… Continue Reading →

First Lessons From “Rite of Spring” Exercise

Starting to work through Sandi Metz’s RailsConf slides has been an enjoyable and relaxing exercise. I have made it through the first hundred or so slides, and I consciously observed my behaviour. Domestic constraints meant that I needed to wrap… Continue Reading →

More Adventures in Pair Programming

Only a few days ago I read Paul Hinze’s Pairing vs Code Review blog post, and it gave me an opportunity to reflect on some recent experiences. In one context I use gerrit to review code, and there isn’t much… Continue Reading →

New Year Looming

2013 is close to its end, my one “resolution” from the beginning of the year managed to come to fruition once (out of a planned dozen times). Still, it’s a learning opportunity. No resolutions for 2014! At least none I’ll… Continue Reading →

Time to Recharge

It has been a fun long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving), and I’ve had a great time at the first annual Wicked Good Ruby Conference in Boston. Lots of great people, a well organised conference, and now I have an afternoon to… Continue Reading →

Some Lessons Learned from Pair Programming (Part 1)

There are many simple ways improve my programming! That was the biggest thing I have learned from my pair programming efforts so far. The more useful things I need to pay attention to: Be more careful with my git commits… Continue Reading →

Half Ahead…

My re-engagement with Rails moves along, not quite as fast as I would have liked. There are domestic obligations to fulfil, and all sorts of videos from RaisConf 2013 to watch! I’m back into chapter 2 of Michael Hartl’s guide,… Continue Reading →

Day 2 of Rails Reading

So far, so good. Maybe I should ignore vendor/bundle in my .gitignore because Heroku grumbles when I push my application up; first I need to check that I followed the instructions properly!

Member of the Tribe

The weather is improving in Toronto, there’s visible evidence that summer is on its way. Time to break out some of my “refreshed” T-shirts from Discipline Global Mobile in an attempt to reverse the greying of my wardrobe over the… Continue Reading →