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Believe what you want, it doesn’t mean you’re right


Start of Year Lull

The new year rolls in with a vengance. Already there are a couple of big projects billowing and expanding with unexpected enthusiasm at work, at least one domestic improvement project completed, no time for resolutions this year. The copy of… Continue Reading →

Restarting vim

Over the years I have managed to squeak by on minimal vi(m) knowledge. Now I’m playing with Rails 3 on my Mac I have an opportunity to get a clean start on an mvim installation. So far in my .vim… Continue Reading →

iPhone 4? iNeed iGlasses!

The iPhone 4 was launched in Canada today. A few people had a new phone at work, and I was keen to see the quality of the Retina display. I suspect that the display is of better quality than my… Continue Reading →

Lots of activity, not much progress.

The past couple of weeks seem like they must have been busy because I’m quite tired, unfortunately I don’t seem to have much to show for them. Maybe the next couple of weeks will be better on the production side!… Continue Reading →

So It Begins

A new year. Between Christmas and the new year I had a relaxing, computer-free, vacation in the relative warmth of Tucson, and that has recharged my enthusiasm for doing things a little differently this year. The piles of Christmas cards… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Being Idle

Sometimes it seems important to take a break. For the past few months I have been working hard to move a lot of projects forward, and somehow that became a seven day per week occupation. Things seemed to move forward,… Continue Reading →

From King Crimson to Kissin

Today has been a pleasantly varied day. The day started off with me feeling a little under the weather and waking at 05:30. Being unable to get back to sleep I stumbled down to the basement to work on my… Continue Reading →

End of the Season

Labour day has come and gone, the annual Cabbagetown Festival is winding down, the mornings and evenings are drawing in, and the gardens are in their final spectacular throes before the autumn really sets in. This is the time of… Continue Reading →

The 80/20 Rule

Damian Conway was in Toronto again to give a talk to the local community (Perl Mongers, Linux User Group, and others willing to be entertained for an evening for free.) It’s always good to get some Damian time, and this… Continue Reading →

All Quiet on the Western Front

Life has been quiet recently. I went for a trip west with my wife for a few days to get out of town and away from computers, phones, cat litter, and the other distractions. Very relaxing, very quiet. I do… Continue Reading →