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The Right Tool for The Job

I have been experimenting with different tools to try and replace my paper-based notebooks I used to use at work as lab logs. For a while I was getting quite frustrated trying to make the DayOne app do everything. Then… Continue Reading →

Inspirations from an Open Plan Office

Out With the Old, In With the Old

Our late December festivities are done, the days are getting longer, and soon 2010 will be heading my way. The various office and user group parties are done, and there’s some time for reflection. The thing I am noticing with… Continue Reading →

Breaking Habits

I have been incorporating elements from Getting Things Done and The Now Habit to help me get things done, and the latest trove I am raiding is The Pomodoro Technique (prompted by the new Pomodoro Technique book from the Pragmatic… Continue Reading →

Procrastination Conquered!

I moved web hosts at the end of 2008, and dutifully took database dumps, source code repository archives, and tar balls of everything I thought I might need. One of the sites I curated was the Official Unofficial Crimso Archives,… Continue Reading →

Rails Progress (slow but sure)

Each day when I have an hour or so to spare I am picking another aspect of my “toy” Rails application to work on. My strategy is to set small achievable goals, in the understanding that I will need to… Continue Reading →

Keeping going with Rails

My experiments with Rails are moving along slowly, and I’m happy with that. One of the things I have learned that I sometimes sabotage myself by expecting to do too much too quickly and then becoming despondent when things don’t… Continue Reading →