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What’s new is new again. I find it interesting to hear the “musical drafts” of album tracks to see how material developed, and I love hearing the live rendition of album tracks to see how they can come to life… Continue Reading →

The Joy of Crimson

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the “friends and family” full dress rehearsal show of King Crimson at Palais Montcalm in Quebéc. Not only was the music a delight, but the gig also gave me an insight… Continue Reading →

Member of the Tribe

The weather is improving in Toronto, there’s visible evidence that summer is on its way. Time to break out some of my “refreshed” T-shirts from Discipline Global Mobile in an attempt to reverse the greying of my wardrobe over the… Continue Reading →

More Musical Nostalgia

Last night I went to the Mod Club in Toronto to see a date on the Two of a Perfect Trio tour. Loud, but not too loud, and with Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, and Adrian Belew the “Crim-centric” encore was… Continue Reading →

The Week in Review

“Don’t believe what you read” seems to be this week’s theme. On Monday I went to my first Rails Pub Nite for a few months, and there were a good forty or fifty people there. Most of them seemed to… Continue Reading →

Seconds Out, round 5 or so…

Did I really just buy yet another copy of Seconds Out? This time it was part of the new Live Boxed set. No matter how many times I buy it every time I listen to it it seems worth every… Continue Reading →

Procrastination Conquered!

I moved web hosts at the end of 2008, and dutifully took database dumps, source code repository archives, and tar balls of everything I thought I might need. One of the sites I curated was the Official Unofficial Crimso Archives,… Continue Reading →

I Must Be Getting Older…

Over the weekend I was heading to the bank to clear up a few odds and ends. My iPod was happily pumping out some live Genesis from the Three Sides Live era, and as I approached the teller I popped… Continue Reading →

B is for …

Birthday. A couple of weeks perspective on recent birthday celebrations, and “B” seems to be the theme. There seem to be bottles of beer, books including B is for Beer and Bill Bruford the Autobiography. The Bill Bruford autobiography has… Continue Reading →

Bill Bruford retires from live performance

I found an email from Bill Bruford Productions in my inbox yesterday, and it began: Dear friends, Although Bill Bruford has retired from live performance as of the beginning of this year, this by no means he is being silent…. Continue Reading →