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Adventures in Pair Programming (Part 1)

Recent lifestyle changes have left me with more energy and desire to learn, so I am looking into doing some remote pairing with some friends in the city. I expect that working with people I already have a relationship with… Continue Reading →

Discipline (is a Vehicle for Joy)

My revisiting Ruby and Rails is moving ahead well, each week day I spend an hour or so to do a couple of Vitamin R sessions to work through Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial. Progress is good, and the content seems… Continue Reading →

Chuck Noris on Rails

This evening I got together with a couple of people from work to get some more than trivial experience with Ruby on Rails with them, and try not to come across like a Perl zealot, Ruby weenie, or PyHole –… Continue Reading →


I have been doing some exploring recently, and it has been quite invigorating. In the real world I took a trip with my mother to Virden, Manitoba to find where my grandmother was born and baptized. It’s good to get… Continue Reading →

cider, rvm, and homebrew

The rails installed by cider is a rails 3 beta. As I want to play with some of the examples for rails 2 I thought I should get the most recent ruby 1.8.7 and try to use rvm’s gem sets… Continue Reading →

The Week in Review

“Don’t believe what you read” seems to be this week’s theme. On Monday I went to my first Rails Pub Nite for a few months, and there were a good forty or fifty people there. Most of them seemed to… Continue Reading →

Finding the Fun Again

Another few evenings playing with Rails (and paralleling the depot application from Agile Web Development with Rails (v3)) and I’m rediscovering the fun to be had with programming! I have picked a project which is similar to something I’m doing… Continue Reading →

Rails Progress (slow but sure)

Each day when I have an hour or so to spare I am picking another aspect of my “toy” Rails application to work on. My strategy is to set small achievable goals, in the understanding that I will need to… Continue Reading →

Keeping going with Rails

My experiments with Rails are moving along slowly, and I’m happy with that. One of the things I have learned that I sometimes sabotage myself by expecting to do too much too quickly and then becoming despondent when things don’t… Continue Reading →