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Array#product in Ruby’s core

One of the things which has delighted me about Ruby ever since I discovered it is that its core and standard libraries cover so much useful ground, and I’m usually half way through implementing something before I stop, search, and… Continue Reading →

Quick Project Start

I have been thinking about updating a Rails app I wrote for my wife a few years ago. I still love Ruby, and in 2013 I have had a chance to read Sandy Metz’s Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby. I… Continue Reading →

“Autovivifying” Ruby Hashes (another code nugget)

I often found Perl’s “autovivification” of intermediate levels of a nested hash useful, particularly in quick and dirty scripts were defining a real object and access methods seemed like overkill. Recently I noticed a post on the ruby-lang mailing list… Continue Reading →

Code Nugget of the Day

The Ruby language mailing list is often a source of gentle reminders about things I might have missed, and I read Robert Klemme’s with particular interest. One of his recent posts was a nice reminder of a way to initialise… Continue Reading →

Rediscovering Interests

One of my favourite courses in Computing at university was compiler writing, and nearly three decades after taking it I am still in touch with the person who taught the course. That course fuelled my interest in programming languages, which… Continue Reading →

Discipline (is a Vehicle for Joy)

My revisiting Ruby and Rails is moving ahead well, each week day I spend an hour or so to do a couple of Vitamin R sessions to work through Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial. Progress is good, and the content seems… Continue Reading →

Chuck Noris on Rails

This evening I got together with a couple of people from work to get some more than trivial experience with Ruby on Rails with them, and try not to come across like a Perl zealot, Ruby weenie, or PyHole –… Continue Reading →

map_by_method and awsome_print

I have been playing with some of the gems I installed for my rvm rubies, and the first couple I have looked at are pretty simple – map_by_method and awsome_print. My trivial code snippet is here: 123456789101112131415161718#!/usr/bin/env ruby # Trivial… Continue Reading →

cider, rvm, and homebrew

The rails installed by cider is a rails 3 beta. As I want to play with some of the examples for rails 2 I thought I should get the most recent ruby 1.8.7 and try to use rvm’s gem sets… Continue Reading →

Time to Learn Some More Tools

For a while now I have been put off programming by my daytime experiences, but a recent Ruby5 podcast has whetted my appetite for fun again. The great thing I found was that the initial install didn’t quite go smoothly…… Continue Reading →