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Perl is an interpreted scripting language by Larry Wall. Many of the definitive books on perl are published by O’Reilly & Associates.

Despite persistent rumours to the contrary, Perl isn’t just a language for writing web applications and CGI scripts with — it was a widely used language for all kinds of tasks long before the realisation of the current “web”. It’s also a myth that it’s difficult to write solid and maintainable code in Perl.


There were quite a few people who are active in the Perl arena who I had the good fortune to meet a few times while I was in the Boston MA area.

brian d foy has set up the Perl Mongers, a group dedicated to forming Perl Users’ Groups. They have several groups around the US, and are a focus for social activities amongst other things…

The Perl Mongers in Boston, New York, Austin and Tronto have been fun people to hang out with.


Here are some pointers which might be of use to you, the list is by no means intended to be a complete reference to perl on the web:

The Perl Review

A periodical produced electronically by brian d foy.

Perl Monks

A good place to pick up tid-bits useful and otherwise.


The perl.com site which contains far more than everything you ever wanted to know about perl (…and more…).

The Perl Journal

A publication dedicated to perl and things perlish.

I wrote an atricle for Issue 4 which used OO perl to solve the 8 queens problem.