Mike Stok

Brief Bio.

According to the Winter 1996 Perl Journal:

Mike Stok is a hybrid systems administrator / programmer. He has a BS in Natural Sciences (computing, archæology, psychology, management and electronics) works for PSA, and enjoys beer in his spare time.

Since that was written I have become a married man, so the last phrase should probably now be “…, and enjoys his family, chocolate, and beer in his spare time”. I have long since moved on from PSA.

If you want to see a little more information about me then there might be something of interest on my blog or my LinkedIn page.


By e-mail

E-mail can be sent to me at any of the addresses listed below. My GPG PGP public key has a fingerprint of 0570 71CD 6790 7C28 3D60  75D2 9EC4 C1C0 0599 13DA.

On the web


Here are some pages about things in which I have more than a fleeting interest, watch out for graphic excesses and all the other evils of the web…